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Rihanna's Old House is Available on Airbnb

It does not seem like we will be getting another album from Rihanna but you can now rent her childhood home when you visit Barbados!

Though it is currently a private Airbnb property unrelated to the singer’s business ventures, the house has become well-known due to its fascinating history.

Recently remodeled and protected, the pavement outside Rihanna’s childhood house features her name and the national emblems of Barbados—a sun and a trident—signifying the island’s independence from the United Kingdom. Because it is privately owned, access is prohibited, but you may get a peek of the interior by visiting Airbnb listings under the name “Sonia Ville.” The cost to rent the residence is $100 per night. The little house has a kitchen, a living room, a small lawn, and two bedrooms.

Lyrics from the singer’s songs may be seen all over the place, including the BNB Bar, near the cemetery at the end of Rihanna Drive. As a keepsake, patrons of the pub are able to sign their names on the walls. There’s a statue honoring Rihanna next to the bar, and it has her words on it. Locals regularly tell stories to interested visitors. Locals confirm that Rihanna currently lives in an opulent beachfront condominium in Sandy Lane, one of Barbados’ wealthiest neighborhoods with immaculate white sand beaches and crystal-clear seas, even though she no longer stays in her modest childhood home.


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