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Walt Disney World ended DEI Programs

Last Thursday, the governing district of Walt Disney World “abolished all diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs.”

This is yet another battle won for Republican governor Ron DeSantis in the war he’s waging against diversity programs in the state of Florida.

In addition to eliminating DEI programs, CFTOD released a statement saying that “any DEI job duties” would also be jettisoned. “Also axed were initiatives left over from when the district was controlled by Disney supporters, which awarded contracts based on goals of achieving racial or gender parity,” the Associated Press reports.

Up next, the fight will be moving to the courtroom. Earlier this year, Disney filed a lawsuit against “the board and DeSantis in federal court, arguing that the state retaliated against the company for exercising its First Amendment rights.” In turn, the board then proceeded to sue “Disney in state court, where a Florida judge recently rejected Disney’s request to dismiss the case.


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