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Travel Savings Club? Offer it via Stripe!

Discover a new realm of convenience and innovation with Stripe's cutting-edge feature: Client Issued Cards. Now, you can empower your clients to kickstart their traveler savings journey like never before. Seamlessly integrated within our platform, Client Issued Cards allow you to offer a hassle-free solution for your clients to embark on their travel fund accumulation.

Imagine this: Your clients can easily set up personalized savings accounts, each linked to their desired travel goals. With just a few clicks, they can issue a dedicated card associated with their account, making contributions and tracking progress a breeze. This user-friendly process fosters a sense of commitment and excitement as they watch their travel fund grow.

You will set-up your cards with Stripe. The cards will be personalized to you travel business with your logo or name on the card, etc.

You can also use the card or a virtual card for your benefit by paying a supplier.

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