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Should I LLC my business?

I get asked a lot, if I should register my business as an LLC? To me it depends on your business because the sole purpose of an LLC is to protect your personally against lawsuits. So if you have a business that provide services (hair salon, nail tech, mua, travel agent, barber, cleaning service, etc), then yes file to get your LLC. Starting cost, $125.

The use of "LLC" in a logo is not a requirement, but it is often included to indicate that the business is a limited liability company. Including "LLC" in a logo can help to provide transparency and clarity about the legal structure of the business to customers and clients. However, the decision to include "LLC" in a logo ultimately depends on the preferences of the business owner. I say, dont at it.

An LLC (limited liability company) is a business structure that provides a business with limited liability (similar to a corporation), but the structure is easier to establish and simpler to maintain. It also provides the business with pass-through treatment of income for tax purposes, similar to that of a sole proprietorship or a partnership.

An LLC provides protection to the LLC owners by limiting the owner’s personal liability. Generally, this means that business debts owed by the business, and other claims on the business, including liens and lawsuits, are limited to the assets of the business itself. Those holding such liens against the business cannot pursue the personal assets of the business owner(s) in most states and under most circumstances.

Also an LLC is not considered to be a distinct entity for income tax purposes. The owner(s) of the LLC report their operating results, including profit or loss, on their personal income tax returns, just as they would as either a sole proprietorship or partnership. No return is filed specifically for the LLC.


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