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Makng money on Facebook LIVE

Facebook Stars is a feature that enables you to monetize your posts on Facebook. With Stars, you can deepen your connection with loyal fans while earning money from your content.

Here are some ways you can use Stars to support your content:

  • Earn money. When you share live videos, on-demand videos, photos and text posts, your fans can buy and send you Stars. You earn one cent for each one.

  • Connect with fans. Stars enable fans to express themselves and show support in the comments of a video. Respond to your fans to encourage them or offer perks that fit your content and style. People who send Stars will be highlighted in the comments, making them easy to identify.

  • Be creative and authentic. You don’t need a massive following to get started with Stars. Express yourself authentically, be creative and get rewarded as you cultivate a loyal fan base.

Stars is currently available on select Facebook Live, Facebook Reels and on-demand videos in the following markets. People who are eligible to use Stars can access the feature with a mobile device before they start a live video and finish the account setup on a computer afterward in Meta Business Suite. You can check your eligibility for Stars in Meta Business Suite under the monetization tab.

You earn 1 cen for every star.


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