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Making Money on Instagram LIVE

When you go Live with badges, viewers can buy badges to support you and get extra recognition, while you earn money from content you’re already creating.

Am I eligible?

Badges in Live is available to all eligible creators in the US. In order to be eligible, make sure you comply with our Instagram Partner Monetization Policies, Community Guidelines, be 18+, and have 10k+ followers. Check your eligibility by going to your Professional Dashboard.

Turn on badges

In just a few taps you can turn on badges and start earning on your Live videos.

Step 1: Onboard - go to “Profile” and tap “Professional Dashboard”. If you’re eligible for monetization, you’ll see a button to “Set Up Badges.”

Step 2: Go Live - once you have access to badges, they will automatically be enabled for your lives. Just add a title and go live!

Set up direct deposit

To set up direct deposit you’ll need your SSN or EIN number and bank or PayPal information handy. Make sure you first enter your payout info during onboarding. You can also change your info by going to your Professional Dashboard, “Badges” then “Payout Account”.

Everything to know about earning badges

When viewers purchase badges, you’ll see heart(s) next to their usernames. You can also see the total number of badges purchased and your total earnings along with progress on any goals you set. To see more in-depth earnings, tap “View” during your Live. To see your total badge count, head to “Badges” in your Professional Dashboard anytime after your Live has ended.

Viewers can purchase multiple badges during your Live in $0.99, $1.99 and $4.99 increments -- remember to recognize badge purchasers!

You earn 5 cent for each badge.

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