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JetBlue Will Offer Uber Vouchers if Your Flight is Delayed

There are few things worse than experiencing a flight delay or cancellation while traveling. It’s stressful and oftentimes made more frustrating by airlines not being prepared to troubleshoot. Luckily, JetBlue is trying to get ahead of that by providing complimentary Uber vouchers for customers experiencing disruptions. 

🚘 How do the vouchers work?

The new program offers rideshare vouchers to JetBlue travelers who experience a qualified flight delay of three hours or more due to something within JetBlue’s control.

In the event that travelers do qualify for a voucher, they will automatically receive the Uber voucher in their email inbox, eliminating the need to request any reimbursements from the airline. The vouchers will be valid on travel from the airport to or from a local airport-area hotel. 

Right now the program is available across the US but JetBlue is looking into launching it internationally on its London, Paris, and Amsterdam routes.

It’s unclear what exactly makes something a qualified disruption so it could be a fairly narrow set of circumstances, but it’s a good sign that airlines are thinking more about what travel looks like for people when things don’t go as planned. Perhaps this is one good thing to have come from all the flight fiascos that came post-Covid.


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