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Group Events or Excursion Participation

When you are putting together a trip with excursions, you need an Opt-Out disclosure. See below for an example.

It's important to note that our group trips are thoughtfully organized with a collective experience in mind. Each itinerary, from thrilling excursions to cozy accommodations, is carefully planned and priced for the entire group. This cohesive approach allows us to provide you with exceptional experiences at unparalleled value.

While your participation in the group activities is entirely optional, we want to emphasize that our pricing structure is tailored to the group as a whole. As a result, individual price adjustments and refunds cannot be accommodated for non-participation in specific events or excursions. This ensures fairness and transparency for all our valued travelers.

We encourage you to embrace the spirit of togetherness that defines our group trips. Whether you choose to participate in every adventure or prefer moments of relaxation, you'll still be a vital part of the journey, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of shared experiences.


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