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Client Consultation Form

Client Consultation Form

Personal Information:

  1. Name:

  2. Email:

  3. Phone:

  4. Preferred Method of Communication: (Phone/Email/In-person)

Travel Details:

  1. Destination(s) of Interest:

  2. Preferred Travel Dates:

  3. Duration of Travel:

  4. Number of Travelers:

  5. Type of Travel: (Solo/Couple/Family/Group)

  6. Travel Budget:

  7. Special Occasions or Celebrations: (If applicable)

  8. Any Specific Interests or Activities: (Adventure, Culture, Beach, History, etc.)

Accommodation Preferences:

  1. Accommodation Type: (Hotel/Resort/Villa/Apartment)

  2. Preferred Accommodation Style: (Luxury, Boutique, Budget, All-inclusive, etc.)

  3. Specific Amenities or Requirements: (Swimming pool, Spa, WiFi, Accessibility, etc.)


  1. Mode of Transportation: (Flight, Train, Cruise, Rental Car, etc.)

  2. Preferred Airlines or Cruise Lines: (If applicable)

  3. Specific Transportation Requirements: (Direct flights, Business class, Private transfers, etc.)

Activities and Experiences:

  1. Sightseeing or Attractions of Interest:

  2. Outdoor Activities: (Hiking, Snorkeling, Skiing, etc.)

  3. Cultural Experiences: (Local festivals, Cooking classes, Historical tours, etc.)

  4. Special Requests or Must-Do Experiences: (If any)

Additional Information:

  1. Have you traveled with a travel agent before? If yes, please provide details.

  2. How did you hear about our travel agency?

  3. Is there any additional information or specific requirements you would like to share?


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