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Some changes that will take place April 3rd:

  • One on Ones will be extended to 8pm. They will be held on Wednesdays only!

  • If you schedule a one on one and are a no show (2 times), you will be prohibited from scheduling a one on one for 30 days.

  • I will be gradually adding people back to the Facebook Group- starting with yearly mentees, quarterly mentees will be added by April 3rd. I will remove the website group on Sunday April 4th. If you have not renewed your mentorship, this does not apply to you.

  • Chats will not be open on Facebook. You can use the chat via the website to chat with other and send me messages.

  • Deadline to renew mentorship is Tomorrow, no exceptions. If you do not make the 2nd quarter, you can try and sign up for 3rd quarter.

  • I am in the works of planning a travel agent event that will be taking place in Jamaica in June 2024! Be on the lookout for ways you can make money and participate!


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