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7 Day Marketing Calendar for Travel Agent

Day 1

  • Social Media Post: Share travel tips for the upcoming season. Increase engagement on social media

Day 2

  • Email Newsletter: Promote a new travel package Increase bookings for the new travel package

Day 3

  • Blog Post: Write a blog post about a popular travel destination Increase website traffic and establish the agency's expertise

Day 4

  • Social Media Post: Share a client testimonial and a photo from their trip Build social proof and credibility for the agency

Day 5

  • Influencer Collaboration: Partner with a travel influencer to promote a travel package Increase brand awareness and attract new clients

Day 6

  • Events and Promotions: Offer a discount on a travel package for a limited time Increase bookings for the travel package

Day 7

  • Social Media Post: Share a behind-the-scenes look at the travel agency's office Build a personal connection with the audience


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